Career Munzill is an online platform that aims to provide career advice, job search resources, and career development tools to help job seekers and professionals achieve their career goals. The website offers a range of resources, including resume writing tips, interview advice, job search strategies, and career guidance articles. Preeti is a social entrepreneur and the founder of HiEd Success with over 20 years of experience in working with higher education institutes in the US. She was the recipient for two consecutive years of the USPAACC Top Ten Asian American Business award for impacting student lives

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Navigating the digital landscape has become a formidable task due to the sheer abundance of information available on the internet. The daunting challenge lies in sifting through this vast expanse to uncover the truly pertinent and valuable resources. Compounding this, individuals new to the job search or those transitioning careers often find themselves adrift without the necessary guidance and support. The absence of reliable internet access further hampers their prospects, making it difficult to engage in online job fairs or networking events. Traditional avenues like classified ads, job boards, and word of mouth prove ineffectual in providing comprehensive job listings. Consequently, job seekers frequently encounter the distressing absence of clear career guidance, leaving them feeling disoriented and uncertain about their professional trajectories.

Lack of guidance and

Lack of access to reliable
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Lack of career

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Artificial Intelligence based proprietary personalized student matchmaking portal that can help you increase school enrollment up to 25% by ideally matching with the global applicants. Our expertise in analytics and global network can stem this loss to the US economy.It is a data-driven platform that matches students worldwide to get a college degree, gain hands-on experience, pursue skill-based certifications or internships to US colleges and universities.

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Career Munzill: Your all-in-one online platform for career growth. From expert resume tips to job search strategies, we provide the tools job seekers and professionals need to succeed. Founded by Preeti, a seasoned social entrepreneur, and recipient of the USPAACC Top Ten Asian American Business award, our platform is a beacon of guidance. Unveil opportunities with our AI-driven student matchmaking portal, revolutionizing global education connections and bolstering the economy.


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Career Munzill stands as the premier destination for individuals seeking to navigate their career journey with success. With a rich array of resources encompassing resume writing tips, interview guidance, and job search strategies, our platform empowers job seekers and professionals to achieve their aspirations. Preeti’s visionary leadership, backed by two consecutive USPAACC Top Ten Asian American Business awards, underscores our commitment to impact. Our groundbreaking AI-driven student matchmaking portal further demonstrates our dedication to shaping the future, connecting students worldwide to enriching educational opportunities while contributing positively to the US economy. Join us in shaping careers and fostering growth on a global scale.