FlexiVan is a leader in intermodal chassis leasing services throughout North America. FlexiVan manages a fleet of over 120,000 chassis with a wide network of depots and service centers. FlexiVan’s leasing options range from Managed Fleets and Pool Chassis user agreements, to daily, short and long-term contracts that include motor carriers, logistics providers, ocean carriers, railroads and beneficial cargo owners. In February of 2020, I Squared Capital, the owners of American Intermodal Management (AIM), acquired FlexiVan and merged the two companies and headquarters are now based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Key Challenges

FlexiVan encompasses tackling numerous challenges, including streamlining a complex business model, optimizing a vast fleet and network, ensuring a user-friendly interface, integrating with existing systems, prioritizing mobile responsiveness, enhancing security and data privacy, incorporating online booking and customer support, enabling localization and multilingual support, integrating with third-party services, ensuring robust performance and scalability, managing content updates, adhering to industry regulations, and maintaining consistent branding. These challenges collectively drive the project aimed at elevating FlexiVan’s intermodal chassis leasing services across North America.

Complex Business Model

Extensive Fleet and Network

User-Friendly Interface

Integration with Existing Systems

Solution Summary

FlexiVan is dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional experience and offering high-quality products, such as their Smart Chassis. The company aims to seamlessly integrate with service providers, ensuring a smooth flow of information while utilizing superior assets for transporting goods. FlexiVan’s focus is on enhancing businesses by improving efficiency and productivity through increased chassis utilization, resulting in reduced delays and lower costs.

Product Overview

FlexiVan’s Smart Chassis: Elevate your logistics operations with our premium intermodal solutions. As a pioneer in North American chassis leasing, FlexiVan offers an unparalleled experience. With a robust fleet exceeding 120,000 chassis and an extensive depot network, we ensure seamless goods transport. Our Smart Chassis, a hallmark of quality, integrates cutting-edge technology for optimal efficiency. Whether you’re seeking managed fleets, pool chassis agreements, or customizable contracts, FlexiVan is your partner for streamlined logistics, reduced delays, and enhanced cost-effectiveness.






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In the realm of intermodal chassis leasing, FlexiVan stands out as a North American leader, backed by a vast fleet and strategic depot coverage. Our diverse leasing options cater to various needs, from Managed Fleets to short-term contracts, encompassing a wide spectrum of stakeholders. The merger with AIM under I Squared Capital’s ownership has fortified our presence, now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Committed to excellence, FlexiVan’s Smart Chassis epitomizes innovation, seamlessly enhancing logistics efficiency with its advanced technology. Partner with us to unlock a future of streamlined operations, minimized delays, and optimized costs.