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Team Augmentation

Product Development

With a lot of activities going on sometimes Product Development can be the most intensive in terms of time invested and most expensive in terms of money invested. In parallel to Product Development there needs to be considerable time spent in customer discovery and product market fit. Without that Startups are unable to decide on what to develop, which features to develop, and what to focus on to get the MVP out. We have seen founders get stuck in one two deep technical problems – the 80/20 rule very much applies to Startups.

Doing all this while trying to build out the right technical team can be challenging and if you don’t get this right can lead to missed deadlines , unable to pitch at the right events, and demonstrate ongoing improvements to your prospects and customers. We are committed to partnering with building out a web app or mobile app, with the necessary integrations , deploying it on the cloud and getting you from idea to MVP.


Web Apps


Mobile Apps




Cloud Computing

Core Skillset

  • React Js, React Native
  • Java, Node JS, Python
  • MySQL, MangoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Adobe XD, Figma

Team Augmentation

Success depends on the quality of the team and Startups are no different. Startups tend to grow in a specific pattern – they are typically founded by a 1-2 member team and after some initial success with acquiring the first cohort of customers and raising friends and family or angel round grows into a 8-10 member team. As Startups get funded they need to start looking on how to scale and grow their teams.You need to hire full time staff – both locally and remotely, full time and on contract and on a short term and long term basis. It becomes crucial to explain this to your investors on how to plan to optimize your spend as you scale your team.

This is where we can help – we have optimized our teams to be able to provide staffing models based on project needs or on an individual basis. We can help you scale progressively with our remote delivery teams. Our meticulous recruiting process is led by our senior staff, and all applicants go through a multi step interview process that validates technical skills, business acumen along with culture and team fit. We strive to ensure that our team is resourceful, able to do more with less, work independently and has the entrepreneurial spirit.

We can commit to you that we will,
  • Clearly understand your needs
  • Match the right engineer or team
  • Start as soon as 2 weeks

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