REVELOCITY provides a smarter, faster and more proactive way to increase revenue performance and marketing ROI. REVELOCITY’s AI-powered predictive intelligence and prescriptive-decisioning engine allows you to accelerates revenue, customer growth and marketing ROI from your existing martech stack. Their Predictive Revenue Optimization offerings put you in control and can be easily leveraged to support a wide range of needs, budgets and timelines. From immediate, one-off projects to ongoing, long term support, REVELOCITY helps you analyze and activate all of your data assets to proactively identify opportunities and make faster and smarter decisions that drive more revenue and higher ROI.

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Revelocity’s clients frequently encounter challenges when it comes to unleashing the complete potential of Salesforce or comparable CRM platforms, mainly due to a deficiency in internal proficiency. The integration of Salesforce with additional systems such as marketing automation, e-commerce, or analytics stands as a pivotal necessity. Despite the extensive array of its features, the process of aligning Salesforce with precise business prerequisites proves to be intricate and time-intensive. The hurdle of user adoption persists, even following meticulous setup and customization efforts.

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Solution Summary

REVELOCITY provides an analytical dashboards that assists businesses in growing their income by providing information onprospects that may be investigated to do so &running suggested campaigns to achieve this goal. Additionally, it enables businesses to export client information from many categories, including upsell, cross-sell, new account, and retention. To better understand their clientele, businesses might use various graphs to display the data from their accounts.

Product Overview

REVELOCITY: The smarter way to boost revenue performance and marketing ROI. Powered by AI-driven predictive intelligence, our solution accelerates revenue and customer growth through your existing martech tools. From immediate gains to long-term success, REVELOCITY offers tailored Predictive Revenue Optimization to uncover opportunities and drive smarter decisions. Export client insights across upsell, cross-sell, and retention, backed by dynamic graphs for clearer data visualization.


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EZ Innovations, completing the Revelocity website marks progress towards smarter revenue growth and marketing ROI. Using AI-powered predictive intelligence, Revelocity empowers businesses for quicker revenue, customer expansion, and ROI within existing martech. Our flexible Predictive Revenue Optimization suits diverse needs, identifying opportunities for improved revenue and ROI. The offered dashboards provide vital insights, enabling businesses to drive growth by understanding their clientele better.