Funding Assistance

Funding Assistance

Funding is not only about raising money for your venture. It is also about identifying different money sources (including your personal) and organizing the capital infusion and spending to greater business efficiency. Raising money without a proper plan of spending is a sure way to disaster.

Despite several active investors and mentors out there, many startups fail to raise money because

  • Entrepreneurs often don’t think beyond the traditional financing options such as borrowing from banks, lenders, friends, and family.
  • Founders are not able to understand various funding types, investor types, and funding stages.
  • Lack of financial literacy among founders leading to improper financial management
  • Lack of knowledge about when and how to raise money and from whom
  • Not knowing if their chosen product category is hot among investors or not

We help founders to attain the financial acumen required to approach investors with confidence and finesse.

Our program includes:

Meeting the primary requirements such as,

Business Plan

It’s the basic requirement and also the most crucial one. Many entrepreneurs flounder at this very first step.  Some startups get funded without a business plan, true. But that’s not what you look at. A business plan helps you more than anyone else; it’s your blueprint to success. An investor only wants a share in your success.

Creating an effective business plan takes days, if not weeks. It contains goals, objectives, research data, assumptions, product road map, customer research, competition research, marketing plan, financial statements, projections and a lot more. Of course, it is also about what and how much information to include.  We will do this grinding work for you and produce the best possible business plan, hopefully.

The Team

For some investors this is more important than the business plan, because without competent people executing it, a business plan is just wishful thinking. But the good thing is you can always find great people to fill those key positions.

We help you with co-founder search and early employees. We will help you in negotiating and making agreements (remuneration, equity, ESOP etc) with them in the most professional manner.

Financial Literacy

Many founders are tech-savvy, but poor at finance. Investors may be excited about your product, but any hint of financial mismanagement or illiteracy can result in thumbs down. Your financial activity and documents need to make sense from the very first day of your operation. It doesn’t stop at having a control on your financial operations and accounting. Financial literacy is also required for fixing product pricing, calculating customer LTV, offering discounts, estimating the effects of customer churn rate and a lot of other things.
Once you fulfil the above requirements, you are ready for approaching investors. You will have a fairly good understanding of the startup eco-system and how it works.

Next steps:

Finding the right investors

Investors often have their own preferences and special requirements when they choose projects they want to back up.  Finding and connecting to the right investor that matches a startup’s requirements is often difficult. As a founder, you would want to focus on what you should do, the product development. Here we can delve into our database and investor channels to find the right investors willing to listen to your story.

Pitch Deck

It’s the most crucial and deciding factor, any founder who tried to raise funds can tell you. Your years of learning, hard work, knowledge and expertise are reflected in a few slides. You have only an hour or so to impress the investor. Preparing such an impressive pitch deck and presenting it effectively before an investor takes some effort and practice.
You can learn from our previous experiences and our experts will guide in making the perfect pitch deck that gets you the right investor as early as possible.

Let’s get started to discuss and create an impeccable business plan to materialize your product.


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EZ Innovation provides consultancy for startups and SaaS founders to prepare their pitch decks and help in their funding efforts. Our database contains several hundreds of funding agencies for every niche with a proven track record of backing promising startups till they grow to the next stage.