MVP and Prototype Development

MVP and Prototype

Need help building your prototype or MVP? Or do you want to find which is the best thing for your idea, whether to build a prototype or MVP?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product or some call it a Maximum Value Proposition) or prototyping are sometimes considered to be the best form of idea validation, but they can go beyond just an idea validation if you carefully weigh your options and choices. If you aren’t lucky enough to procure funding at the idea stage or at the business plan stage, the MVP may be your best bet to attract investors and customers.

MVP vs. Prototype

If you have already built a model of how your product looks or works, then probably you got some feedback about it. However, to get the kind of feedback and insights that would improve your product; we will research and help the following,

Choosing between MVP and Prototype:

Sometimes both these terms are used interchangeably. An MVP is a working product with limited core functionality and a prototype can be just a user interface or an interactive workflow design. Normally a prototype leads to an MVP, but it mostly depends on your product and what you want to achieve. A prototype is often made for the complete product idea with the objective of refining product visualization and improves user experience. An MVP implements a sub-set of functions (often the core) to test the market and validate your assumptions. We will study your product’s nature, assumptions, market fit, and user segments to determine whether to build an MVP or prototype.

How to build and what to include:

Choosing the right platform and technologies for the prototype may not be a difficult task, but choosing what to build and which factors to test is definitely a difficult task. We are going to test with the actual market and customers. We have to brainstorm what we will measure and how. Making the right decisions and obtaining valuable insights from the data is crucial to success.

Type of MVP to build:

There are several types of MVP that can be built, single feature, concierge, landing page, piecemeal, mock-up, etc. Choosing the best ones may depend on the technical feasibility, budget, goals, and objectives. MVP follows a cycle of build, measure, learn and iterate. Developers add new or improved features after each cycle. It becomes necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each MVP type and select the best one to start building your product.


Building an MVP takes some effort and resources that the entrepreneur may not have at his or her disposal. Gathering and efficiently deploying such resources is necessary for creating a successful MVP. These resources can be technology, computing power, developers, product managers, marketing material, or product launch experts. While most tech founders can take care of the technology side, they might still require assistance with product launch and product analytics.

Our MVP development services help you in

  • Creating superior value for your customers
  • Identify and analyze the competition for product positioning and refining features
  • Analyzing product-market-fit
  • Understanding technical feasibility, options, and turnaround times

Take your first steps towards test your product’s market potential and usability.

Depends on whether you need a simple prototype or a functional MVP.

We charge only on hourly basis and are quite affordable.


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