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One of the most common problems that any startup faces is marketing the product. Founders are often so focused on development and fundraising that they often ignore the marketing part.

When do you think you need to start the marketing and promotion activities for your startup?

The correct answer is: ASAP. Your marketing starts with your branding logo, images, colors, flyers, and if possible, a website.

If you had a business plan, this might have been included already. A marketing plan is necessary at every stage of your startup journey. Startup marketing is different from regular marketing, where you start marketing even before you have a complete product. All your revenue projections need to be backed by a solid marketing plan. Entrepreneurs often base their financial statements on some sales assumptions. To eliminate the guesswork and achieve the projected revenues, a startup needs to work on a marketing plan that goes along with the other activities.

For a startup, there is always pressure from investors, to perform under the most challenging conditions and produce good results. Some startups often won’t have deep pockets and need to depend on increasing sales to support their growth plans. Several such situations demand that a startup have a marketing plan to keep its revenues growing.

We create highly effective marketing plans and execute them for startups. The marketing plan consists of the following sections that cover almost all required information and action plans.

Goals and Objectives

Your business goals are the primary factors that influence your marketing strategy. Having clearly defined goals and objectives sets the stage for all other business activities including marketing.


Detailed research is conducted for the following

  • Product marketing fit
  • Buyer persona
  • Customer journey
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive analysis

The whole marketing plan is based on the key findings from the above research. The research will be conducted professionally by proven managerial talent. The research also lays the foundation for further product enhancements and improving user experiences.

Marketing Strategy

The research leads to the creation of a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at achieving goals as per the framework provided by the research. A marketing strategy is custom-made for each business to meet its unique goals. A typical strategy consists of the following components,

  • Branding
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PR and Events
  • Display advertising
  • Native ads and PPC
  • SEO

Landing Pages and Funnels

Your users are precious to your startup, particularly in the early stages. We will create highly effective sales funnels and landing pages to capture every possible lead and get that extra sale. These funnels will not build your leads database but also provides valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.

Campaign Management

We create and manage all your marketing campaigns and keep track of marketing KPIs. We have connections with several digital marketing platforms and PR firms to execute any type of marketing assignment with perfection.

Custom reporting dashboard

You would like to review all your marketing activity from a single dashboard; we understood this after working with several founders. We will create a custom reporting interface that shows you all your marketing activity and its results. It includes all the data and analytics to help your managerial staff to digest those insights and take informed business decisions.

Still, need more information or help with marketing your startup? Just get in touch with us!

Startups are special and different from other businesses. There are so many unverified assumptions at work. We deal with each startup taking their unique requirements into consideration. Apart from regular digital marketing, we will try different hacks to get the required traction for your startup.

The price depends on in the scope and extent of research required. But we are quite affordable for startups and small companies.

We will disclose sources of all data and other methods, for you to verify our research report. In addition, we will hand over all files, recordings and documents over to you along with the final report.


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