We understand Startups

We understand that going from an idea to becoming an established business takes time and effort. Even in the early stage of a startup’s journey from developing your idea, assembling a team, acquiring the first customer, building out an MVP, pitching to an angel investor takes several months and a direct and indirect cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

There is considerable time invested between idea validation, market research, administrative activities, customer acquisition, and product development, which is the most intensive and expensive part of the process. We also know that having to work on all these activities and allocating due focus on product development leads to product delays which can be detrimental. We are that reliable technology partner for the startup founder that can handle everything from discovery to delivery.

Market Validaiton
Product Development
Customer Acquistion
Fund Raising
Administrative Activities

We partner with Startups to develop

innovative ideas into successful products


Our Approach

We take pride in working with Startups.
We understand that you,
  • Are passionate about what you are working on
  • Like to spend time with your customers
  • Routinely juggle multiple activities
  • May not have a very big budget
  • Do not want to compromise on quality
  • Expect things to be delivered on time

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